Governance – Oversight of ESG

Sustainability is a key element of our long-term strategy. Addressing issues and managing ESG matters in the short, medium, and long-term is critical to our business model resilience and overall success.

environmentally and socially responsible energy

ESG skills and expertise are key qualifications considered when selecting new Board members.

The Board, in conjunction with management, establishes our ESG strategy to appropriately address ESG risks and capture opportunities, and ensures we set high standards, maintain compliance with laws and regulations, and adopt policies and execution plans to progress on ESG matters.
In 2020, 100% of our Board members had ESG skills and expertise.
Our Board is comprised of diverse and experienced leaders whose broad range of skills support the pursuit of long-term sustainability. We embrace the benefits of Board diversity and see this as a competitive advantage.

Our Approach

MEG’s management team is accountable for integrating ESG
into our business and day-to-day operations with the ultimate
responsibility within management being with our CEO.

Inclusion & Diversity

Currently 30% of our Board is made up by women and we aspire to attain a Board composition where at least 40% of directors are Diverse Persons by 2025.

ESG Indicators are Reviewed Annually

ESG indicators make-up a significant portion of MEG Corporate Performance Scorecard - greater than 35% of the scorecard in each of 2020 and 2021.

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Incident Notification

TEST: Incident Notification – December 4, 2023 – Meg Energy announces that today, at approximately 08:15 hrs, during work carried out on a natural gas well near the village of Edmonton in Alberta.