Health and Safety

There is nothing more important than the safety of our staff, contractors and the communities where we operate.

Committed to the wellbeing of our people and communities

It is foundational to all of our values, as our people are at the core of our success. Strong health and safety performance is vital to maintaining a positive work environment, our business model resilience, and our reputation.
Our Safety 360 approach recognizes that safety leadership opportunities are all around us and extends beyond the borders of our worksites. By encouraging a mindful approach to risks we face in our daily lives both at work and at home, we create a company of people who are champions for safety in all areas of our lives.
Our programs and protocols promote taking responsibility for our own safety, and that of our colleagues, by focusing on risk identification and reduction at work and at home.

Our Targets

To strengthen our efforts in responsibly developing and protecting the land, MEG has established the following targets:

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Safer Workplace

We manage workplace risks through a company-wide Safety Management System (SMS) aimed at identifying, understanding and reducing those risks.

Zero Accidents

Our ultimate goal is continuous improvement towards the goal of zero incidents and injuries at work and at home.

2021 ESG Report​

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Our Approach

We manage health and safety risks through a company-wide Safety
Management System (SMS) aimed at identifying all hazards and
risks and working hard to eliminate or mitigate them as much as

Incident Notification

TEST: Incident Notification – December 4, 2023 – Meg Energy announces that today, at approximately 08:15 hrs, during work carried out on a natural gas well near the village of Edmonton in Alberta.